Artist, Cheryl Nuccio



​​I was asked to write a little something on myself...Which I'm totally terrible at, seriously I can chatter with the best of them until I"m asked to describe what I do and then I have no idea what to say. Really! My standard answer is...I paint stuff..haha​

So this is what I wrote....

I am an Artist residing in Michigan with my wonderful husband who lets me be creative and make messes...hehe!

It's also home to some very strange and odd feral cats and one rescue inside, so I never know what kind of new friends they will drag home.

As an Artist I am entirely self-taught, my work and techniques evolved naturally over time, always striving to learn new things. Which really means I scream a lot and throw things away, then cry and eat chocolate.

I can't say exactly how long I"ve been painting as I've always done some type of crafty thing ever since I can remember so it's just in my blood. Is there another life outside of Art? Hmmmm, never really considered such a thing.

I'm inspired by everything, a walk in the park on a fall day watching the leaves dance as they fall from the trees to seeing the scroll work on a building, Art is everywhere if you just look.

I have no particular cute story about painting, every day tends to lend itself to a new experience or creative mess...especially if it's a Monday.

In my free time I donate my time/talent to paint shoes for a non profit organization called Peachs Neet Feet. A wonderful organization that paints shoes for children with life threatening illnesses.